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Hi, I am Giulia and I am thrilled to have you here on my website!    

          I am an ecologist and nature guide based in the Netherlands. 

Let me take you on a journey to explore the hidden Dutch Nature!

"Nature calms the brain and heals the body"

David Suzuki

Why hiking with me?​

I decided to become a nature guide because I want to share with you what I am most enthusiastic about.

I will take you to the most beautiful and hidden part of the Netherlands

Plant Identification

I will tell you about the vegetation around us


I will tell you about the animals which live in the area


We will give us time to connect with each other and the nature around


Nature can make you kinder, happier, and more creative. A better human,
in other words.

Healthy Habits

"Spending time in nature regularly is an essential component of health and psychological resiliency" (David Suzuki)

I had a wonderful time walking with Giulia in the dunes and at the beach. She was very attentive and shared interesting knowledge about how nature works: from the way the dunes filter water to how wolves and birds behave. I have enjoyed every minute of it!​
Anastasia, Russia

Area of Expertise

I graduate in Forestry and Environmental Science (MSc) from the University of Padova (Italy). Over the years I gained experience also on primary consumers (large grazers) and predators (medium and large carnivores). In summer time, I am usually in the field searching for bats. 

I organize guided excursions in nature for beginners and more experienced hikers. During the walks we focus on the environment around us, the wildlife and ourselves. 

Would you like to organize a workshop or an activity about forest ecology, wildlife or sustainability?  I have experience as a group facilitator and I love to engage people in environmental awareness.

My Collaborations

“In the woods you see what you know”