About Me

Among all the things I may tell you about myself, I think the most important is that I love Nature in all its aspects.

My Mission

When I started my degree I realized that studying nature was not enough for me. I also wanted to share with people what I am passionate about. Nature conservation is only possible when people are aware of its importance. I am hoping to bring a little bit of nature closer to you, so you can appreciate with me what is out there. I am willing to tell stories, share experiences and ideas and also listen to what other people have to say.

"I Love to Help People
Reconnecting with Nature"

My Vision

My Vision for the future is to be part of a community of people who is aware of the challenges our nature is facing nowadays and care for the future of our planet. I dream of a wilder world that we can all be part of in a sustainable way.

My Story

I could say that my passion started with my studies in Forestry, back in 2008, but the truth is that I always saw, touched, smelled, and experienced Nature as a part of my personality. 

I had the privilege to grow up as a child in the countryside and my playground where the fields and the forest around my house. There has never been an animal or a plant I was not curious about. I am a pure and honest observer of what is around me. 

During the years I started to appreciate the fact that we- as humans- are also part of all this beauty, even though sometimes we tend to forget it.

Children in Gassa Chare (Ethiopia)
Reforestation activity in Gassa Chare (Ethiopia)
"In the roar of our hurried society, it is easy to forget that going for a walk in nature can have a positive impact on our general well-being, both mental and physical"


I joined the Scout Association as a young girl and since then I have never really left. This experience influenced profoundly my love for the outdoors.
I graduated from a scientific high school in Verona and the very same year I enrolled at the University of Padova.
I lived and studied in Helsinki (Finland) for the Erasmus Program.
I volunteered in a small, remote village in Ethiopia for a reforestation project. During the same year I graduated from my Bachelor degree in Forestry Technology.
I graduated in Forestry and Environmental Science at the University of Padova (Italy). Both my Bachelor and Master thesis are about Wildfire Management (Software FARSITE).
I moved from Verona to Amsterdam. The beginning of my Dutch adventure!
I met for the first time the European bison. Love at first sight! I collaborated with the project "Wisenten in Kraansvlak".
This year was full of new discoveries: I started to work as a field technician for bats and swift monitoring. My path also encountered the wolf and I curated the research part of an exposition about this majestic carnivore. I also organized my first excursion in nature!
I started my collaboration with Nature Academy which provides valuable life skills in nature for University students. Since January I am also working as a volunteer in a Food Forest in Amsterdam.
If you would like to know more about my professional experiences and skills, please visit my LinkedIn Page or contact me at info@giuliavariara.com

If I could decide where to stand in the environment around me, I would choose the edges of a forest, where trees are more scattered and the light penetrates through the branches. This is the place where I can lose my sight into the darkness of the deep dense foliage, but it is also where I can see deer foraging in the field and bees flying around from one flower to another. I get to see a more diverse beauty by placing myself on a transitional space. 

I like to think of myself as someone standing on a transitional space where nature and people can meet.  With my work I want to share with you what I am most enthusiastic about and I want to leave a positive contribution by trying in shedding light on plants, wildlife and our impact as humans.