The Sounds of the Night
Bat Excursion

Sunday 19 September 2021 at 19:30

After the summer months spent flying in the night searching for moths and other insects, bats are now in full mating season!
Join me on this nocturnal walk: I will tell you about the ecology of these fascinating creatures and we will listen to their calls with the help of a Bat Detector.
The Haarlemmerhout in Haarlem, also known locally as De Hout, is the oldest urban forest in the Netherlands. It became popular as a recreational area in the Golden Age for wealthy people from Haarlem and Amsterdam. The current spatial structure of the Haarlemmerhout dates back to 1830, and they designed it following the English landscape style. We can find hundreds of monumental trees in the Haarlemmerhout. Walking in the forest during the night allows us to pay attention to different aspects of nature: while walking in the darkness we will listen to nocturnal animals which start their activity at sunset.


We will meet at the Theehuis de Haarlemmerhout
Hertenkamplaan 1, 2012 CV Haarlem
Please check or Google Maps for how to get there.
We will meet on Sunday the 19th of September at 19:30. We will walk in the park for about 6-7 km and we will back around 21:30.
Be sure to wear warm clothes and waterproof shoes. The activity will happen even with light rain, so don’t forget to take your rain jacket with you. You can bring a flashlight but we will try to walk in darkness as much as possible, so our eyes can adapt to the new conditions.
The cost for this excursion is 16,50 euro.
In the ticket it is included a guided nocturnal tour of 2 hours in the forest by me with my Bat Detector.
If you want to join me on this walk, please fill up this form:…/1FAIpQLSe6obcOKkk…/viewform…
Please note that we will keep 1,5 m distance during the walk.
This event is made for a small group of people, in order to keep it comfortable for everyone. Don’t wait to reserve your spot!
Hi, I am Giulia!
I am an ecologist and nature guide from Italy and based in the Netherlands. On summer nights I am usually out in the field scouting for bats with my Bat Detector. Every bat emits a unique sound and we will try to recognise the different species which inhabit the Amsterdam Forest. If you would like to know more about me and what I do, or read my blog, visit my website at
Looking forward to seeing you!