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Schoorl Giulia
Day Hike at the Schoorlse Duinen
13 March 2022

Day-long hike in the beautiful nature area of Schoorl, where the dunes are the highest and the widest of all North Holland.

Het Wed Giulia Variara
Middenduin Hike + BISON VIEWPOINT + COLD SWIMMING in the lake
20 March 2022

Let's go together for a short but intense hike in the dunes, trying to see the famous European bison. We will end our excursion with a cold but refreshing swim in the lake!

Giulia Variara
Day Hike in The National Park Kennemerduinen
10 April 2022
(Santpoort Noord)

Let's go together for a day hike in the dunes near Haarlem, where the old agricultural land intertwines with oak woods and open dune landscape.

Day Hike in NH Dune Reserve
01 May 2022

Day Hike in the beautiful Nature Area near Castricum, where the filtration of drinking water happens.

What do you do to unplug?

We live in an over-stimulated world that put our senses under stress on a daily basis. Having interactions with nature, spending time outdoors can help us reducing stress and reconnect with ourselves.​

Giulia Variara Schoorl
Giulia Variara

Who came walking with me

I had a wonderful time walking with Giulia in the dunes and at the beach. She was very attentive and shared interesting knowledge about how nature works: from the way the dunes filter water to how wolves and birds behave. I have enjoyed every minute of it!​
Anastasia, Russia
Walks in nature with Giulia are always special. She has a gift to make people feel at ease and is eager to exchange knowledge with everyone. Giulia is dedicated to finding new spots to explore and loves to surprise her hikers with new trails. There is no doubt that you will be enjoying every minute of it!
Louise, France
Going out to nature with Giulia truly is an experience. She loves the outdoors and knows a lot about it. Her knowledge on animals like wolves and bats is very impressive. She sparkles when she takes a group out to the Kennemerdunes National Park. Giulia has a warm personality and immediately makes you feel at ease. I definitely recommend Giulia everyone to get out to nature with her!
Marlies, The Netherlands